Nowadays, Lacviet Friendship Hospital has Medical Service at Home. There are a lot of reasons such as: bad weather, patient difficulty in moving or not too critical illness pair you or your familiar can not be directly to the hospital for examination and treatment, you are able to call for our Hospital.

We can be sure that you will receive hospital – quality health care in the comfortable at your home. We provide doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who have passed our rigorous hiring standards and have had their backgrounds and medical knowledge verified by senior doctors.


Examination service at home.

LVFH proud to a hospital which provides Examination service at home in Vinh Phuc province. Examination services at home bring many benefits for patients. Patients don’t spend a lot of time waiting for the doctor, don’t go to the hospital in difficult conditions on the move (special care elderly, children). While people are busy of work, use of health care services at home is an optimal solution.

Experts, doctors join in Examination service at the LVFH has many years of experience in health care, a solid understanding, dedicated, friendly. And specially, patients can be assured that you don’t have to a charge as envelopes, gift or retraining for doctors.

Sample tests services at home.

The overload in almost hospitals, clinics is popular, so patients usually fasting in order to the test in early morning then getting the result in the afternoon.

Services sample tests at home will clear away the fears of patients tested at the hospital, especially for the elderly, young children or people busy because of work. Instead of apprehension, the person will be satisfied with the time savings and service attitude of staff doctors.

After receiving full information such as: name, date of birth, phone number, address and the requests  of patients… Hospital will appoint medical experts to take home for blood sampling, urine, semen… and etc. Medical laboratory department at LVFH has team of experts, doctors who have many years of experience and attended a refresh course in foreign countries: USA, Singapore… combined with the equipment full of modern equipment is imported CBU from countries with developing medicine such as Japan, USA, Switzerland, South Korea will give  the most accurate results. The service is  fast, convenient of  staffs, we commit  to  ensure the conclusion to your home address as soon as the results.

Lacviet  Friendship Hospital will serve 24/24 and in Vinh Phuc province, details, please contact the customer care unit: 02113.656252 / 656 212 or hotline 0949232115.