Why should we take general health screening and early detection of cancer?

General health examination and early detection of cancer is an important role in ensuring that we have physically healthy and it is also the secret to bring you and your family have a happy life. Periodic health examination  in order to detect the abnormal condition before the risk is developing the disease. Early Detection of cancer  is the best way to ensure effective treatment and successful. 


Why should we check – up early detection of cancer packages at VIP Clinic– Lacviet International Clinic

VIP clinic has a team of experts, attending doctors from National hospitals : K National Hospital, 103 Hospital, Military Medical Hospital, the National Ear-Nose-Throat Hospital , National Paediatrics Hospital, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology…. get to examination. Besides, doctors at the hospital also received training in communication skills, so as you come here you can completely assured about  the quality of service.



VIP clinic is planned as a key department of Lacviet  Friendship Hospital, the boards of direction invested more modern equipment that is imported from Japan, the US, Sweden , the Korean equivalent quality assurance of big hospitals in Hanoi: CT Scanner, system of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging MRI ,vital monitor, ECG machine, automatically controlled electric bed…

The difference when customer take general health examination and early detection of cancer package in VIP Clinic – Lacviet International Clinic

Many customers share that: They always feel scared when entering the medical center, especially when seeing the grimace, the pain of the other patients,the smell of antiseptic, crowded…

When customers come to the VIP Clinic  your have privacy and information will be absolutely secret . Tests such as blood pressure, weight, blood sampling and urine, gastrointestinal endoscopy, anesthesia room … Based on the test results, doctors, nursing, and technicians of department and section always cooperation and exchange with each other to evaluate health status, diagnosis quickly and provide the best treatment for you. 

The Department has medical staffs who can speak foreign languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese… help foreign customers will be the most optimal care and do not need a translator to accompany the medical treatment here.



Seven VIP rooms “hospital hotels” are tastefully furnished and nicely decorated, overlooking the mini park will help you relax that will contribute a lot in the process recovery of the patient. Besides, there are other amenities will help you feel like at home: flat screen TV connected to satellite television, refrigerator, sofa and ottoman, bidirectional conditioning, safe, tea and coffee instruments, wifi…

In addition,all the services of Lacviet International Clinic is also paid by health insurance , all customers have insurance card will  counted as the same route. Besides, we also support the appointment booking service via telephone 0211.3656252 / 0211.3656212 or hotline: 0949232115, and through the hospital website to help customers minimize the waiting time and you can selecting experts, doctors.

For more Details about packages  in VIP Clinic – Lacviet International Clinic

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Special offers on the occasion of opening of the VIP Clinic – Lacviet International Clinic.

On the occasion of the opening day as well as VIP Clinic helps you to experience and better understand the health services of high quality of Lacviet Friendship Hospital. We send you special promotions: Reduce 20- 25 % applies to all packages of Science examination services VIP – Lacviet International Clinic from 15.05  to 15.06.2016.


When using the VIP service at Lacviet International Clinic, you will be awarded free journey tours in the best luxury resort in the province of VinhPhuc: Flamigo Dai Lai, VinhThinh FLC and TayThien, Tam Dao, Red River resort .. Besides we support free 2-ways tickets , 7/7 days in week.

Hopefully after you experience the high quality health services at Lacviet International Clinic, it will be a reliable address each time you need high-quality health care.

Please call us at telephone numbers: 0211.3656252 or 0211.3656212 or hotline: 0949232115 to be the most dedicated service