Gynecological inflammation, reproductive men’s health is broad concept, including common infections, the infections through sexual contact (bacteria such as gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, … viruses such as HIV, HPV, Herpes  causing infertility and gynecological cancer, male’s disease.

In most health centres : gynecological inflammation examination and treatment currently has limited in diagnostic tests and early detection , many symptoms were ignored that lead to chronic diseases and creates extremely serious problems such as infertility and possibly even cancer. several health workers blame for recurrent disease or long-off is due to “sexual active ” in the course of treatment or improper medication, but in fact the main cause is not properly detect and the disease was not treated perfectly.

The symptoms of gynecological inflammation, reproductive men’s health disease

Women’s genitals are extremely sensitive parts, in adulthood and sexual active are very vulnerable to gynecological inflammation and the following signs you may have gynecological infections

  • Abnormal vaginal Services : foul smelling vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge color vagaries: milky, yellow, light green and yellow mucus lasts …
  • Appeared itchy “private parts” : Itching burning, redness, sores
  • Lower abdominal pain or blood when having sex
  • Men: sharp, burning, bloody urine. ulcershead, root of penis, anus, wart on penis’s head, root , perineum, anus, drainage in the morning…

Gynecological inflammation

The cause of gynecological inflammation, reproductive ‘s men infection

  • Hormonal imbalance such as pregnancy, menopause, perimenopause or monthly menstrual cycle greatly affect gynecological inflammation.
  • The gynecological procedure unsafe as: abortion, IUD ..
  • Wear tight pants, made of non-ventilated, damp panties or not exposed in places with fully sunshine, communal washing clothes with patient’s clothes, all of these are favorable conditions for bacteria to develop
  • Bathing and swimming pool with someone with gynecological infections can also become infected.
  • Poor Hygiene private parts, during the period, using poor quality sanitary napkins, refusing regular dressing changes, vaginal wash water does not guarantee quality.
  • Sexual Transmitted (chlamydia, trichomonasvaginalis, gonorrhea bacterium, bacillus, spirochetes, anaerobic bacteria, genital herpes virus, fungi) these stuffs penetrate to the uterus causing destruction the balance of microorganisms system, reduced functional vaginal defenses, causing chronic inflammation, cancer, …

Gynecological infections, male’s infection Common

The infection in the vagina, vulva, cervixinclude : cervical gland inflammation, Naboth cystic cervix, genital warts (rough papillae, warts, … at the cervix, vagina) , Trichomonasvaginalis, cervical ulcers, polyps, cervical cancer, …

The disease in cervical canal, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries such as Inflammation of the endometrium, ankylosing tubal blockage, fallopian tubes pus, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer …

Infection in male reproductive include:  Genital warts, genital warts in anorectal (HPV), genital ulcers anorectal (secondary parasitic infections, bacterial or viral herpes …), mouth ulcers and throat , warts mouth, tonsil cancer, …

Where could take the Examination and treatment of gynecological inflammation

According to scientific research the incidence of gynecological diseases in women in Vietnam is 45-65%, especially the women are in premenopausal , in male the rate is 35-40% majority in homosexual . Gynecological infections not only cause serious complications for the health , but also makes women ,afraid of contact, affects the quality of life.

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