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Introduction Lacviet Friendship Hospital 

Lacviet Friendship Hospital address at Dinh Trung commune, Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc province. LVFH have area on 9.000m2 (5.100m2 floor area) with 250 beds, 5 modern operating rooms, 8 quality treatment rooms. LVFH – precursor of Quan Su Polyclinics, with the complete machine, with the physicians in charge of fields as: Cancer, paternal or maternal, obstetric, ENT, intensive care, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, endoscopy, functional exploration … gave the patients the most perfect service. With a wide and ventilated area, the hospital has planned according to a model of physical facilities. The function rooms are arranged according to modern patterns and airy, with modern facilities such as air-conditioning, clean bed.

Identify new technologies and equipment would be an important breakthrough in strategic healthcare, Lacviet Friendship Hospital has invested heavily in modern equipment, advanced, high-end, such as latest generation automation immune system of company Abbott (USA) and Roche (Switzerland) for diagnosis, screening for cancer, birth defects before birth; diagnosis of infertility, infertility, endocrine diseases, identification of rubella virus infection, hepatitis B, C, A, influenza virus, for fast results in 8 minutes; CT scan machine; Renal lithotripsy machines, urinary outside the body; 4D color ultrasound (3 pcs). Especially Hospital has deployed 4-dimensional color echocardiography and some other modern ultrasound: the mammary gland, thyroid, lymph nodes, software, joints; gastroscopy machine, colonoscopy, endoscopy ENT, endoscopy of the cervix. The automatic biochemical tests system of Hitachi Japan; automated hematology tests; ECG machines, EEG, EEG measuring blood flow, measured osteoporosis, mammography machines…

Lacviet Friendship Hospital not only focus on investment to modern medical equipment, but also investment in human resources. Accordingly, the hospital has recruited a team of nurses, doctors, medical professionals experienced. Currently the hospital has a team of professors, Ph.D., oncologist skilled, experienced, highly qualified professionals, trained from local and international renowned universities, worked more year at the major hospitals in the area.

Currently, the hospital has more than 200 nurses, doctors, staffs, including nearly 100 physicians working full-time, more than 100 collaborative doctors. They are all experienced, prestige physicians in international hospitals and public hospitals in the country. With the effort, dedication of collective doctors, technicians especially experts from major hospitals of Surgeons that direct examination, health checks should ensure the diagnosis, concluding to achieve high accuracy. Among the direct medical professionals must mention Ph.D., Colonel, Doctor of Merit Hoang Mai Trang – Professionals in nerve, bones and joints, heart, kidneys; Professor, Doctor Nguyen Hoang Tuan – Professionals in liver, digestive, Senior Specialist of Defense.