HPV – Human Papilloma Virus is a type of human papilloma virus, HPV is a sexually transmitted infection most common in the world today.

HPV is a group of more than 100 related viruses. In there40 types cause genital disease in humans, and 14 types of HPV are classified as high risk of causing cancer. The two most common types of HPV -16 and HPV -18, up to 70% of cases of cervical cancer.

In addition, HPV also causes cancers of the vagina, vulva, anus, penis, head and neck. HPV-6 and HPV-11 can cause 90% of warts (warts) in the genitals.

The minor case is  warts on the hands cause by HPV-2 and on the feet is HPV-1.

what is HPV

What is HBV ?

HBV full name is Hepatitis B virus, is one form of liver disease caused by hepatitis B virus, a severe infections to the liver, and can cause premature death from liver cancer or liver failure .

Once infected with chronic hepatitis B will have to carry this disease for life, but most people do not know is already infected with HBV.

Hepatitis B can be transmitted from mother-to-child HBV infection during pregnancy

Infants infected with HBV have 90% risk of onset of chronic hepatitis B (Life time).

What is real time PCR ?

Real time – PCR is a PCR test that is designed to detect and measure RNA. Although initial PCR tests amplified DNA.

experts do not need to do tests to other tests to read the amplification products. With real-time PCR technique used laboratory equipment are Real-time PCR machine, the final product of the reaction that appears shortly after the amplification reaction is complete. So it can be said that technical Realtime PCR target DNA replication in vitro into billions of copies based on the heat cycle and results in the amplification reaction tubes are displayed simultaneously with the amplification reaction occurs to expert testers can see.

Why are we have  to define the type of  HPV and HBV ?

With the common techniques usually only indicate positive or negative for the hepatitis B, cervical cancer, genital warts, genital ulcers,… So patient often wonder that the illness itself had heavy? What treatment methods appropriate for the condition? There are many cases have to be treated not completely right because of the usual laboratory techniques can not quantify exactly type of  HPVand HBV. there are some  types of HPV and HBV benign as: all kinds of skin papilloma, laryngeal , genital warts … while there are high-risk HPV types are the main cause of cervical cancer, penile cancer, throat cancer, colon cancer…

Where we quantify the type of HPV and HBV also virus load ?

Laboratory –Lac Viet Friendship Hospital where gathers a lot of experts, doctors highly qualified and experienced .Besides, the Department is also fully equipped with modern equipment is imported  from countries with developing health care in the world.

Test results can be quantified in the Department of exactly how much the virus, the HPV type, HBV at once category of high risk cancer-causing or not?

From the test results which experts, doctors will make treatment plan most appropriate in each particular case. you absolutely can feel secure when the next test, the result would be equivalent to the central hospitals.

in particular, the health insurance list has been extended to high-tech services . Real time PCR is also medical insurance payments, contributed to bring many benefits to the people using the technical services high.

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