“ The birth of a child should be a wonderful, life-changing time for a mother and her whole family. It is a time of new beginnings, of fresh hopes and new dreams, of change and opportunity. It is a time when the experiences we have can shape our lives and those of our babies and families forever. These moments are so precious, and so important. “  Baroness Julia (Independent chair, National maternity)

There are a lot of reasons you should choose Lacviet Friendship Hospital for your new dreams.

First, with the desire to bring Maternity Package services combined with special care for pregnant mothers and babies, Lacviet Friendship Hospital will advise, care and monitoring thoughtful, caring for pregnant mothers and babies from early pregnancy until birth. Childbirth at LVFH, Mother and Baby will rest in the luxury rooms of international standard.

In addition, Lacviet Friendship Hospital organizes antenatal classes which absolutely free, to help women feel more confident when first pregnancy, participation in antenatal classes to help women become more confident first pregnancy. With the knowledge, skills, guidance in prenatal courses, we will not have to worry any more outrageous.

The advantages on the Maternity Package service

Every woman, every pregnancy, every baby and every family are different. Therefore, quality services (by which we mean safe, clinically effective and providing a good experience) must be personalized. So that every pregnancy come to LVFH will be monitored, caring and dedicated advice to ensure the health of mother and baby stay healthy

Dịch vụ thai sản trọn gói

Lacviet Friendship Hospital with full equipped modern facilities and equipment necessary for mothers and babies before and after birth, the mother should not to carry multiple items at admission.

We are significant investment in postnatal and perinatal mental health care, maternity and baby after birth will be relaxation in the room which is tastefully furnished and absolutely  sterilized with special care regime ensures quick recharge.

Phòng vip cho dịch vụ thai sản trọn gói

A team of doctors, nursing professional qualifications, skills and behavior communication will help liberate the toil and anxious to help women and their family can enjoy the full pleasure at hosting new members born.

Lacviet Friendship Hospital has Multi-professional working, breaking down barriers between midwives, obstetricians and other professionals to deliver safe and personal care for women and their babies.

The great benefit of maternity services and maternity package at Lacviet Friendship Hospital

Service   Benefits
Prenatal care Examination by Our gynaecologists  ( unlimited )
Check by  the anesthesiologist
Fetal ultrasound (2D & 4D)
Motoring fetal heart
Full urine test
Blood test routine: test for blood type of the mother, tests blood count full to mothers, testing for HIV, HCV, Coagulation (APTT & PT), test biochemistry basics, testing for bacteria streptococcus B in the 8th month of pregnancy and 01 time the glucose tolerance test, diagnostic testing for hepatitis B antigen
Care during birth Ordinary childbirth or Caesarean section
Trick-natal pain (spinal anesthesia or epidural anesthesia)
Choice of doctors (only applies to cases Caesarean)
Check newborn baby Postnatal care Vitamin K injection for baby
Check newborn baby
 Postpartum check up
 Change your bandages, medicine, baby bath care under doctor’s orders
Ultrasound postpartum
Postpartum hospital stay 02 day hospital stay after childbirth 120,000 beds for normal delivery cases
02 days post-operative beds and 03 day beds 250,000 vnd to 120,000 vnd cases of cesarean section.
Services Price (VND)  Notes
Normal delivery at the front line of health insurance registration Friendship Hospital Vietnam Lac 1.500.00  
Health insurance often lay the initial registration in other medical institutions 2.450.000  
Normal delivery without health insurance 3.450.000  
Caesarean registered in Vietnam Friendship Hospital Lac 4.500.000  
Caesarean initial registration in other medical establishments 5.750.000  
Caesarean uninsured 7.850.000  
select hour surgery 1.000.000 during office hours
2.000.000 11h-13h, 17h-23h
3.000.000 22h – 06h

Please call us at telephone numbers: 0211.3656252 or 0211.3656212 or hotline: 0949232115 to be the most dedicated service