Gastrointestinal endoscopy is a traditional procedure which uses endoscopes large diameter (9mm) attach a dedicated camera, then put into the gastrointestinal tract through the mouth, from images on-screen, physicians  can detect abnormality is occurring in the gastrointestinal tract. However this method has disadvantages as easy to stimulate the throat, causing discomfort nausea, vomiting.

To avoid patient discomfort and nausea many development countries  used to do anesthesia colonoscopy,  anesthesia endoscopy but there are also disadvantages such as cost of expensive and  because of the require medical teams: Doctor, Endoscopy, Anesthetist, Nurse… So many patients often not use anesthesia colonoscopy.

 What is The nasal endoscopy ?

Nowadays the demand of patient is not only given the quality of health services but  cheap hospital expense, Lacviet Friendship Hospital has determined to invest Olympus Nasal Endoscopy systems of Japan

The Nasal Endoscope has a structure as standard endoscope, but it reduced to 4-6 mm size, using a small probe which more efficiency when passing the narrow road caused struggle digestion, it also can penetrate deeper and narrowing place , especially esophageal strictures and caves, fresh pyloric or malignant. The traditional endoscope will not be able to get through, but the Nasal Endoscope with  small diameter limit exposure to the throat and a wide viewing angle and are easy to see as well as the diagnosis.

nasal endoscopy

The hard cases are patients unable to use colonoscopy through oral because the jaw looked beside  the probe has a large radius, Nasal Endoscopy is the only method can be used as gastroscopy, colonoscopy.

According to gastrointestinal  experts in the world , Nasal Endoscopic is safety performance, can be used for both adults and children. Preparation time for  Nasal  Endoscopic is fast and it takes around 15 minutes to make a diagnosis for esophageal disease, stomach, duodenum… moreover  doctors  may biopsy for early detection of cancer stomach, detect carcinogen stomach (Helicobacter bacteria), bleeding puncture due to stomach ulcers.

Special gift to celebrate the establishment Lacviet  Friendship Hospital

Nasal Endoscopy, the patient may remove the disadvantages of laparoscopy and oral  endoscopic use anesthetic, such as not stimulate the throat, causing discomfort nausea, vomiting, not cause side effects of anesthesia . With each of them of the benefits of Nasal Endoscopic, you will not hesitate to pay extra just 200,000 VND compared with endoscopy through the mouth.

In particular anniversary established Quan Su Clinics precursor to Lacviet Friendship Hospital, we offers special deals for nasal endoscopy: Discount  50,000 vnd when  using the service Nasal Endoscopy.

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