Newborn screening is performed soon after the birth of your baby, and in most cases, while you are still in the hospital. All it takes is a few drops of blood and a simple hearing test, It ensures that all babies are screened for certain serious conditions at birth, and for those babies with the conditions, it allows doctors to start treatment before some of the harmful effects happen.

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Why should we do newborn screening test?

Newborn screening is done very quick and simple but very necessary  because some medical conditions cannot be seen by just looking at the baby. Finding these conditions soon after birth can help prevent some serious problems, such as brain damage, organ damage, and even death.

What could we find out disease with newborn screening test?

Nowadays newborn screening tests allows detects early diseases such as  congenital hypothyroidism and G6PD deficiency.

What is congenital hypothyroidism?

The deficiency of a type of thyroid hormone is situated in front of the neck creates symptoms. The incidence of the disease in children at about 1/5000. Children who are affected also are not fully supplied, gradually  suffers intellectual retardation and severe disability.

From early diagnosis, treatment plan will be set up, by supplementing hormone called Tyrosine, which the child will have the hormone they  needed and develop normally like other children.

If the child has not been screened and detecting disease in the neonatal period or discovered too late, it will be very difficult to treat or the treatment is no longer effective, they will be a disability.

What is G6PD deficiency?

G6PD deficiency (Glucose-6-phosphatase dehydrogenase) is a very common genetic disease. There are over 400 million people in the  world suffer from this disease.

This is a genetic disease caused by abnormal genes located on chromosome (chromosome) X from the father (carried pair XY sex chromosomes) or mother (carrying XX pair of sex chromosomes). If the son, the child will get sick more easily because there is only one chromosome X. If a girl, so have 2 X chromosomes, so children get sick after receiving only two abnormal genes, one from the father and one from the mother so the disease is more common in boys than girls. G6PD enzyme in the blood are production of erythrocytes, enzymes normally protects red blood cells from attack by the oxidant. When children are missed this enzyme, RBC will be destroyed due to the antioxidants in food or some drug causes hemolytic anemia (red blood cell breakage). This situation increases the amount of bilirubin in the blood cause anemic children with jaundice, yellow eyes.

If your child has severe jaundice, especially in the first 2 weeks in the neonatal period, the child may be suffer brain damage lead to cerebral palsy.

All the children detect early jaundice is recommended to avoid exposure food, pharmaceuticals with strong oxidants cause  severe consequences for health