On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Quan Su Clinics -Precursor to Lacviet Friendship Hospital, LVFH collaborates with the National Eye Hospital, the US company Alcon and  Japanese company Hoya deploys free programs for eyes examination and artificial lens replacement (Phaco surgery) program for the people at VinhPhuc province and neighboring provinces (priority policy beneficiaries, person have public, individual families have disadvantaged need medical assistance).

Bệnh nhân ngồi chờ phẫu thuật - mổ phaco

Patients waiting Artificial lens replacement (Phaco surgery) at LVFH

Phaco musification cataract surgery

Cataract surgery with artificial methods or Phaco surgery is the most advanced method currently to treat cataract of the eye. Phaco surgery for a very high success rate, visual acuity and quality of vision after the surgery very well.

 Lacviet Friendship Hospital has a team of expert, experienced doctor in collaboration with the doctors of OPHTHALMOLOGY hospital  will ensure a successful treatment for patients.

Mổ Phaco cho mắt đục thủy tinh thể

For the patient’s designated replacement surgery eye – artificial crystalline lens of Hoya (Japan) will apply the preferential package Phaco surgery.

  • Patients with health insurance 100% will be operated with price 0 vnd
  • Patients with health insurance 95%will be operated with price 390.000 vnd
  • Patients with health insurance 80% will be operated with price 1.550.000 vnd
  • Patients without health insurance will be operated with price 8.150.000 vnd

Mổ Phaco - Phẫu thuật thay thủy tinh thể

Additionally, patients can also choose artificial crystalline lens of Alcon company from US. This is an exclusive material, proven to be material to bring the best visual, most easily tolerated for patients with extremely preferential prices.

If you need to register examination and consultation on the program, please contact Ms. Thanh Tan by phone: 0211.3656.252 or Hotline: 0949232115.