Bs-CKI-Doan-Khanh-Nghia Professional qualification:
 – Graduated in General Practitioner at Hanoi Medical University (2002)
– Specialist Doctor I – Imaging Consultants (2008 – 2010)
– Working at Imaging Consultants Dept. in Vinmec International Hospital Times City
– Dr. Nghia was basically training to vascular intervention at Cho Ray Hospital (12.2011),  burning high frequency interference treatment for varicose veins at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy (2012).
– Join in a Master of Medicine at Kansai Medical University- Osaka, Japan (3.1013)
– Advanced training in International Diagnostic Course Davos Hong Kong (6.2012); intervention Ultrasound and biopsy at Winterthur Hospital, Switzerland (1.2015)
Professional experience:
– Dr. Nghia has successfully applied and initially effective in applying high frequency combustion method in the treatment of chronic venous valve failure disease.