Lacviet Friendship Hospital  introduce processes for clients exam in the medical departments of the Hospital

1. Register at the reception desk (1st floor), reception staff will enter the personal information of patients in the system, all the information, history of patient will be through automatically into the doctor’s computer.

2. Sitting in a chair and waiting at the door of the clinic until medical staffs call for medical examination.

3.Doctor exam: laboratory instruction or give proper treatment (prescription, hospitalization)

-> If the patient is indicated tests  (laboratory, radiology, ultrasound …)

4. The patient was waiting to pay for services at the cashier desk (2nd floor).

-> After payment, the patient went to the laboratory room follow the guidance of medical staff.

5. Go to room collecting the sample in a room (2nd floor), X-ray room (1st floor), ultrasound room (1st floor)… follow the signs. Waiting for the test results then bring back to initial clinic doctor.

Waiting in front of the door of examination room till medical staff called in turn, conclude and explain test result

-> If the patient is assigned to prescribe,  come home.

Buy drugs at Drugstore (1st floor) and left.

-> If the patient is indicated admission: Patients  then go follow  the guidance of medical staff.