Lacviet Friendship Hospital offers consultancy services, regular health care to individuals and families in order to detect early signs of abnormal health.

* The importance of regular medical examination: Periodic health helps early detection of health problems before they manifest the disease, meanwhile, higher cure capability, saving time, money, avoid complications caused by the disease. Periodic examination health will help you make the proper adjustments, better nutrition, working methods and lifestyles in order to raise productivity and improve quality of life.

Annually, regular medical examination , at least 1 time is the best choice for anybody.

Some packages periodic Medical Examination:

Package basic physical exam

Package Advanced physical exam

– Package wide examination for age> 40

– Package special examination

Optional extras for care packages

Also, if you have any request about periodic examination, the hospital will be set up examination packages fit your needs.

For further information please contact the customer service department: Tel 02113.656252 / 656 212, hotline: 0949232115