Breast cancer is a common disease in the world, which is on of the common cancers cause of death in women. Today, with the development of medicine, people can treat breast cancer. However  the demand we have to detect cancer early – before women experience symptoms – when it is most treatable, if the disease could not be found  for a long time, the serious condition will lead to death.

What is breast cancer ?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor appeared in breast tissue cells. These cells often arise from the ducts or lobules of the breast, then cancer cells can spread to other tissues or organs and other parts of the body.

Breast cancer usually happens in women and very rare in men. The risk will increase with age. According to statistics, 10% in breast cancer occurring before age 40, 25% occur before age 50 and more than 50% occur after 50 years.

The initial clinical signs or how to detect breast cancer ?

  • Discharge from the nipple, can be colorless discharge, yellow discharge, the dark color same as blood.
  • Nipple corroded, leaking fluid.
  • The nipples are pulled slipped inside.
  • Touching, holding that there is a lumps in the breast or armpit
  • breast skin wrinkles, skin thick skin like orange peel
  • breast skin changes shape, color, different from the other one
  • Pain in one or more places in the breast

What are factors cause breast cancer?

Science has not identified the causes yet, however  causes increased risk of breast cancer: Cash maternity units, a history of thoracic radiation exposure, diet and obesity, hormonal therapies…


The stage and the spread of breast cancer

Stage Level Spread Average mortality rate   ( % )
0 Noninvasive cancer 1%

Invasive cancer

(Less than 2cm but not spread to the lymph nodes armpit)


Invasive cancer
(From 2-5 cm or with invasion to the lymph nodes)


Invasive cancer wide spread

( Greater than 5 cm with invasive skin or spread to multiple lymph nodes )

IV  Cancer wide spread or metastasis 80%

The incidence of breast cancer in Vietnam

Each year, the world has about 14.1 million cancer patients and 8.2 million patients die from breasr cancer. In Vietnam, there is statistic with estimated 12,000 cases of cancer with more than 4,000 deaths / year, accounting to 20% of all cancer types. If breast cancer is detected early in stage 1, the possibility of cure can be achieved up to 80% – 90%. If detected late, the rate of successful treatment is very low at just under 20%.

Where could we find the dependable place to exam  and treat  for breast cancer?

Nowadays ,there is  no vaccine to prevent breast cancer, so the best way to protect yourself, which is self-examination, periodic inspections at hospitals, health centers… to have a breast cancer detected in time.

Lacviet Friendship Hospital has invested a lot of modern equipment from Japan, USA… such as X-ray Mamography Melody III breast machine to diagnose of breast cancer from a very early stage, thereby preventing the cancer and cure this disease. 

X-rays Mamography of breast is the first choice approach to screening – early detection breast cancer, Mamography Melody III is a modern, high picture quality and safety machine for users, the most advanced and reduce radiation dose to the patient.

Please contact to telephone numbers: 0211.3656252 or 0211.3656212 or hotline: 0949232115 to give  more detailed information.